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Your top priority is to grow your business. Ours is to provide information and tools required to make the best decisions for you and your business.  In today’s global economy, accounting is more than accurate financial statements. Our experts can help you build systems, optimize operations, and initiate innovation to find creative solutions to your financial needs.

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Business Startups

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Business Startups

You have decided that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and are ready to become a business owner. Now you need to develop a strategy that is going to turn your vision into a profitable business venture.

Our team of small business advisors can help you get your business off the ground and guide you every step of the way; from business planning and industry advisory to accessing start-up capital, producing projections, and registering your new business, we can help you with your business start-up needs.

Recommended Services:

  • Accounting & Financial Statements
  • Tax Planning & Strategy Formulation
  • Business Advisory
  • Business Start-up Planning & Advisory
  • Bookkeeping & Ledger Management

Owner Managed Businesses

Once your business is up and running, it’s time to prepare for the long haul. Most ventures fail because there’s a lack of planning, poor cash management or missed opportunities which for the most part are avoidable mistakes. We work with you to provide owners and managers with accurate information that allows them to make informed decisions.

Our fundamental understanding of the numbers that underlie a business help to create decisions, and develop long-term strategic plans with confidence to ensure the uninterrupted growth of your organization. FCR experts work with you to keep your business running efficiently.

Recommended Services:

  • Accounting & Financial Statements
  • Tax Planning & Strategy Formulation
  • Business Advisory
  • Business Start-up Planning & Advisory

Empire Builders

With an inspired vision, there is no limit to the potential of your business. Once a dream is off the ground, thoughtful, innovative and strategic planning will guide its course.

Entrepreneurs of established businesses continue to face challenges everyday. The majority of these challenges involve managing organizational growth and ensuring the uninterrupted continuity of day-to-day operations.

FCR works with business owners and their management to sift through the opportunities in an advisory role. Our goal is to identify potential risks and determine from a financial perspective, which opportunities are worth pursuing.

Together, our teams work to implement recommendations that make a difference for your business today tomorrow and years down the road.

FCR offers many Advisory services that help businesses manage growth:

  • Analysis and reporting on financial information for strategic planning
  • Provide audit or review services
  • Growth and diversification strategy development
  • Advise on capital asset acquisition, property and equipment purchase or leasing
  • Preparation of pro-forma financial forecasts for strategic decision making
  • Assistance in the selection and implementation of accounting systems and software
  • Transactional accounting advisory
  • GAAP conversion services including IFRS, Private Entity GAAP and PSAB
  • Book keeping services and related assistance
  • Provide valuations services for business acquisitions, sales and succession
  • Provide both personal and corporate financial/tax planning and assistance for high net worth professionals

Business Succession

You have spent the majority of your time, money and resources building your dream, choosing to persevere where many have failed.

Managing your growing profits and realizing the product of your hard work can be just as challenging as getting your business off the ground.

We work with business owners to maximize your financial position, managing an overall financial plan through 4 service categories:

  • Tax planning and strategy formulation
  • Financial planning and asset management
  • Estate planning
  • Business valuation and exit strategy formulation

Organizational Compliance

Once your organization is up and running, there are processes that must be maintained to ensure that operations and reporting remain compliant with government requirements.

From standard corporate tax filing to government notices of objection, our corporate, personal and commodity tax experts work to keep you compliant. Meanwhile our audit teams are always available to ensure accurate and consistent reporting.

FCR works with decision makers and managers to ensure that business organizations maintain appropriate records.

Consistent record keeping allows you to run an efficient budget while avoiding the crippling interest penalties of various authorities.

Several areas where we add value include:

  • Financial statement audit and review
  • Audit and review of other financial information and internal systems
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Preparation and filing of personal and corporate tax returns
  • Preparation and filing of HST tax returns
  • Assistance with payroll and retail sales tax and remittance
  • Assistance with government assessments, reassessments and notices of objections

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As one of the largest and fastest growing accounting firms in Sudbury, we dedicate much of our recruiting efforts to discovering the most talented, progressive and well rounded young professionals.

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Our team of accountants at FCR works with the management team to provide valuable insight to our accounting practices. Financial management in our industry is complex and having the available expertise to cut through that complexity allows us to complete work on time and within budget.

Industrial Contractor


I’m always impressed with how promptly our Account Manager at FCR returns our call. It’s great to have the advice you need, when you need it.

Small Business Owner


Going above and beyond the traditional role of an accountant, our advisory team at FCR played a key role in a recently successful acquisition. They helped us measure value and gave us the confidence to negotiate the terms of our agreement.

Aerospace Company


The Board of Directors relies on the audit opinion issued by FCR. Their team adds value to the audit process by making sound recommendations that improve our governance model and policies.

Healthcare Centre

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