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Who we are & what we bring

The Organization

Founded in 1991 by Bernie Freelandt, George Caldwell and Edwin Reilly, FCR has become a resource that helps entrepreneurs and organizational decision makers build better businesses and grow their entrepreneurial opportunities in Northern Ontario.

At FCR we are dedicated to encouraging organizations in their growth. We realize that as your business matures, it will need to grow. Our firm is committed to helping businesses realize their potential by helping them:

  • Recognize opportunity
  • Mitigate risk
  • Manage growth
  • Mentor decision makers
  • The Commitment

The Value

The value added to any organization through the services of a public accounting firm can be called into question, and deservingly so.

At FCR we explain this value in a unique way. Not a single entrepreneur goes into business anticipating failure; everyone is in business to win. Well prepared financial information is the score-card of your business and the advisory services that accompany these statements serve as the road map to success.

So why do businesses need Chartered Professional Accountants? Well – why play to win if you’re not keeping score?


Relationships are integral to delivering real value. Our practice management staff work hard to develop long lasting and sustainable relationships with clients and other service providers. But we believe in that process. It takes trust and open communication to find opportunity in challenges.


Our Mission & Vision

Confidence for inspired growth

Our Mission

To realize the potential of organizations while offering entrepreneurs, small business owners and decision makers, the peace of mind associated with an understanding of business strategy.

We work to recognize opportunities, manage growth, mitigate risk and mentor organizational decision makers for our clients.

Our Vision

To contribute to the growth of organizations and the entrepreneurial opportunity in Northern Ontario.

We strive to become the leading market provider of full service accounting and management advisory services by providing innovative, reliable and goal-oriented solutions.


Our teams have a passion for entrepreneurship and business. That’s why day in and day out; we work as an extension of our clients management teams. Together we can work to shape the vision of Northern Ontario’s inspired entrepreneurs.


Our Philosophy & Commitment

Inspiration and solutions

The Philosophy

As accountants and advisors we welcome the challenge of understanding value, the value of numbers that make up your business. Working with owners and management, we use financial information to transform these challenges into opportunities. At FCR we work to offer our clients peace of mind. After a business owner spends a sleepless night contemplating the direction of his/her company, we aspire to be the first contact in the morning.

We strive to become that contact by developing strong, sustainable partnerships founded on trust and guided by our dedication to strengthen entrepreneurship in Northern Ontario.

The Commitment

Our promise to clients is straightforward; when the phone rings, we answer. When people have questions, we have solutions. From our in-house expertise, to the network of professionals we have developed over the years; we use every available resource to deliver on our promise.We make this commitment to our clients because we understand the importance of timely information.

Organizations are best partnered with a team of accountants who are willing to respond to needs proactively, ensuring that management has the information needed to make the best decisions for your organization.