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Why choose FCR?

For a vested interest in your development, mentorship and growth

Why Choose FCR?

FCR offers individuals a unique opportunity. With the growing diversity of business in Northern Ontario, our commercial environment is ideal for those who seek experience or who wish to grow the knowledge they have acquired.

As a junior staff accountant with FCR, you will have the opportunity to work in more than one accounting discipline. Our partners see value in a diversity of learning and encourage new hires to experience the benefit of working on more than one file or account.

What Can I Achieve at FCR?

If you are looking for a career that gives you an opportunity for growth and requisite mentorship while exceeding your expectations of employment, few places can compete. With a commitment to learning you can practice a successful career in accounting, business advisory, assurance, tax, or valuation services.

The potential for growth is tremendous. As one of the largest and fastest growing firms in Northern Ontario, FCR encourages the professional development of each one of our staff members. From junior, intermediate and senior accountants to managers, principles and partners, there is continued room for career growth and the pursuit of additional designations.

What is it Like at FCR?

Have you ever been a part of something bigger? A sports team, an arts club, perhaps a fan club for something or someone? Employment at FCR gives you that same feeling; it is about being a part of something bigger and playing an integral role. It is about being a part of a team that truly makes a difference.

The difference we make goes beyond the service we provide to our clients. At FCR, there is always the opportunity to join one of our teams or committees. From hockey and dragon boat races, to bowling and organizing social events, our firm will have an extracurricular activity that you can enjoy out of the office.


Your experience

Over two decades of developing students into professionals


As an employer, FCR takes a proactive approach in the development of its people. In an office where client service is not only a mindset but a culture, a staff of trusted, diverse and experienced individuals is our top priority.

Our ability to deliver such exceptional service has a lot to do with our structure, which is developed with both our clients and employees in mind.

Our approach to client service is similar to an umbrella; under our umbrella clients do not belong to an individual partner but are the client of every member of our firm.

As a member of our team you will grow under these conditions because you are encouraged to participate in shared thinking. We avoid silos of information and departmentalization, so that team members can work in an open environment and benefit from the expertise of everyone in the firm.


The biggest difference at FCR is the people. Within our office, every individual is committed to excellence in everything that he or she does.

Whether it is through service, mentorship or community involvement, FCR is committed to being the best we can be. The best part is that it shows in our work and once you’re here, it is contagious.


In terms of professional development, the most unique attribute of our firm is the market in which we operate. Sudbury and Northern Ontario is a diverse climate when it comes to business and gives graduates an incredible opportunity to gain industry experience.

As a firm, we are privileged to work with a diverging group of entrepreneurs and businesses, as well as a community of support services and associations. This gives the firm access to a network that allows our professionals to grow and interact with the community.

Your Opportunity

Focus on a sector that fits your career path






Accounting advisory is a very important part of what we do as accountants. We shed light on many decisions made by individuals, companies and public service organizations when it comes to their operational spending, capital management, budget allocation and transactional processes.

Today, the complexity of business and financial reporting is more relevant than ever. The difficulty of standards, convoluted changes to tax laws and the daily change in what is required to succeed make it difficult to stay on top.

FCR looks for individuals with competencies in the following accounting areas:

  • Financial reporting
  • Development and implementation of accounting systems
  • Development and implementation of internal control systems
  • Conversion knowledge GAAP/IFRS/PSAB
  • Cash flow and budget understanding
  • Projections and forecasting


While accounting aims to provide clients with relevant information, assurance aims to add credibility to their financial affairs.

It assures the organization’s stakeholders that the information presented in the financial statements is fair, accurate and free of material misstatements.

For many decision makers, the confidence that stems from audited financial information carries through the decision making process and into the development of long term strategic planning.

FCR’s looks for professionals with audit experience or interests in:

  • Audit and review of financial statements
  • Financial statement audit, review and compilation
  • External audit service
  • Internal controls and systems audit
  • Information technology audits


As trusted business advisors, we serve clients who rely on our advisory services to mitigate the risks of the commercial environment. Because this environment constantly evolves, decisions entrepreneurs make have the propensity to affect their business today, tomorrow and years down the road.

The business environment for entities small and large is a very exciting place. It is full of opportunity, accomplishments and challenges. Our profession in particular deals with the challenges. As CAs and business advisors, we welcome the challenge of understanding and navigating the ever-changing business environment for our clients.

Our advisory services have the ability to make a big difference in a company’s success and give our teams the opportunity to be a part of that is something extraordinary.

We are always looking for professionals with competencies and career interests in the areas of:

  • Business advisory
  • Risk advisory
  • Transaction advisory


In today’s evolving commercial landscape, it is integral that companies are prepared with an organic tax strategy that is built to suit the needs of their industry. By keeping current on new tax laws and legislation, we are able to provide our personal and commercial clients with the taxation expertise and knowledge that they deserve.

The tax arena is a dynamic and exciting place for accountants and is becoming so convoluted and complex for business owners that tax planning services are required now more than ever. Our tax professionals operate in a research weighted environment and are expected to be experts on taxation, regulation and legislation in addition to our client’s business situation.

We are always looking for tax professionals with competencies in the areas of:

  • Corporate tax
  • Personal tax
  • Commodity tax
  • Domestic tax

Your Road Map

Every student looks for …

FCR offers a unique Education Program that provides one-on-one coaching to each candidate, individually as they progress through the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP). This coaching not only assists with the candidate’s case formatting and technical knowledge, but also relieves the added pressures of being in the program. Coaches will ensure that registration deadlines are met, accommodations for their workshops are booked, and will provide supplementary mentorship along the way to support candidate success throughout the program.

The team’s members are recent CPA graduates who understand the process and the stresses that it can cause. Their positive approach as coaches and open door policy will provide candidates with the comfort and support that they will need to be successful in the program.

…stability in employment.
…an invested interest in their progress.
…a diversified learning experience.

As an accounting student you are looking for experience. You’re looking to join a firm that is going to support you throughout your studies and more importantly, guide you on your journey to coming a CPA, CA.

FCR takes the education and professional development of all of our post secondary hires very seriously. We know that as you grow in knowledge and experience so does the firm, which results in better service for our clients.

Obtain a four-year undergraduate degree with required CPA courses (120 Credits)
CPA training with a government or corporate office
CPA training with a public accounting firm
Professional Education Program
1. Common Core Modules
CPA training with a government or corporate office
CPA training with a public accounting firm
Students take the opportunity to study six integrator core competencies:
1 Financial Reporting
2 Strategy and Governance
3 Management Accounting
4 Audit and Assurance
5 Finance
6 Taxation
2. Elective Modules
Elective 1 - Assurance
Elective 2 - Taxation
* Public accounting students must choose assurance and taxation.
3. Capstone Modules
Common Capstone Integrated Module
CPE Preparation Course
4. Common Final Examination